Lake Cruises

Harrison Lake


During this two-hour tour, the Laroan charts a course along the lake's west side, floating past the green waters of Echo Bay, the towering rock formations of Echo Island, and the cold cascades of Rainbow Falls. The tour includes light commentary, food and beverage options, and concludes with a cruise past Sasquatch Provincial Park.

Schedules and Rates: 2019


Daily Cruise Rates

Adult (15yrs - 64yrs): $55.00
Child and Senior: $46.00

4 and under free 

Daily Cruise Schedules (2hrs)

July and August
Daily: 11:30am & 2:00pm

Monday - Friday: 11:30am
Saturday and Sunday: 11:30am & 2:00pm (if necessary)

January - March
Call for availability: 11:30am

April - June
Monday - Friday: 11:30am
Saturday and Sunday: 11:30am & 2:00pm (if necessary)


***All passengers are not to bring their own food. A food service will be offered on all cruises. Exceptions will be made for passengers with special dietary requirements.***

***Animals will not be permitted unless they are required for disability assistance.***